Orchard News
Our Pick-Your-Own (PYO) apples is all done for the 2023 season.  Thank you for  picking with us!
We only have about 12 apple pies left for sale!  These are on a on a 1st come, 1st served basis.  We also have apple cider, apple cinnamon scones and cider donuts available on a 1st come, 1st served basis but expect to run out of all 3pm closing Christmas eve at 3pm. 


Cider Mill & Orchard

OPEN DAILY 10am to 5:30pm

Christmas Eve hours are 10am to 3pm

Our White Hills Distillery spirits are now available in our Cider Mill Farm Store, White Hills Wine & Spirit, and both GlenRo Spirit Shoppes in Monroe and Huntington!

Cider Mill

Did you know that it takes approximately 25 average size apples to make 1 gallon of cider?

100% Pure Juice

Our cider is 100% pure juice. We make it from sound, ripe apples that may have blemishes or are too small for selling by the bag. All cider apples are washed and scrubbed at least once, and most are washed twice before being ground and pressed. Our press is a state-of-the-art system with built-in high pressure washers to keep it clean and sanitary. At the end of each day of pressing we completely wash down the mill and sanitize the entire room. This is one of the reasons we think our cider tastes better.


Different varieties of apples ripen at different times and the weather varies the harvest time from year to year. Mid-September and early October is almost always a great time to go apple picking.

Farming Since 1849

Beardsley’s have been farming here in the White Hills section of Shelton since 1849.  We have re-planted thousands of dwarf apple trees in our fields for our Pick-Your-Own orchard. The trees will only grow to a maximum of 10 to 12 feet for easy picking.  Our orchards are home to over 13,000 apple and 400 peach trees.  Our peaches are not PYO, our apples are.  Pick your own apples is on weekends only from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The 2022 pick your own season begins on Sept. 10. 

We use the Integrated Pest Management System where we scout the orchards, trap insects, measure rainfall and ambient temperature and only apply a specific agricultural cover when a threshold has been reached.  Some applications are organic and some are not.  We work in the orchards daily and keep it as safe as possible.

Farm Bakery

Our pies are available baked or frozen to bake at home

Farm Bakery PIES
You will smell the fragrance of our farm-baked pies before you even walk into the Cider Mill. They are stuffed full of fresh fruit and we bake them on the premises every day. You may also purchase our pies frozen to bake at your convenience.

Our Farm Bakery 

We also have cider donuts, Gluten Free cookies, fruit breads, soft and delicious scones, coffee cakes and local honey.