Welcome to Beardsley’s Cider Mill & Orchard!

Come on in and pre-order your Christmas pies. We close for the season Christmas Eve and will be running out unless you’ve pre-ordered. The last day to pre-order is Wednesday, December 19th! On Christmas Eve, we will be open 8am-3pm. Happy Holidays!

Our Farm Store is open daily 10am to 5:30pm with apples, pies, cider donuts, scones, fruit breads.  Apples and cider will be available right through until Christmas Eve.

Farm Store Hours:

Open Daily: 10-5:30pm until Christmas Eve.   Pick Your Own is Closed for the Season.




Pick-Your-Own Is closed for the season  



Come in on the weekend after 11am to get your fermenting containers filled with fresh pressed untreated cider to make your own hard cider.

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