Our apples are grown on dwarf trees to make more fruit available for picking without ladders or climbing. We prune the trees each winter to facilitate air flow and sunshine to reach each apple. We sell our apples out of the Pick-Your-Own orchard by the pound or in our store by volume. Come taste the difference that locally grown, tree ripened fruit makes.

We offer many varieties of peaches & plums with a new variety ripening about every 4 – 6 days in August and early September. There are not many peach growers around because the fruits are susceptible to late spring frosts during bloom this far north, but we think they are worth the chance. Friends and neighbors have told us that our peaches are so sweet and juicy that they are the best they have ever tasted! They are tree-ripened and hand picked each day as they ripen for sale in our farm store.

We offer local raw honey in three sizes; 1lb, 2lb and 5lb. The honey comes from hives that are located in our orchards during blossom time as well as other Connecticut farms. Some studies have shown that local honey can desensitize residents to seasonal allergies. We aren’t certain of this claim, but many of our customers swear it works to reduce their allergy symptoms.

Did you know that a bee or insect visits each apple blossom 18 times before the blossom is pollinated? Once it is pollinated, the blossom becomes an apple.