Apple Varieties

Varieties are listed in approximate order of ripening:

Intense coloring striped strain of Gala; sweet and juicy. Maturity: September 5, Fruit Color: Red/Yellow

A long time standard apple in New England; slightly tart and tender. Maturity: September 12, Fruit Color: Red

This exceptional new variety was developed from a Macoun x Honeygold cross at the University of Minnesota. The fruit is mostly orange-red with a yellow background. This explosively crisp, juicy, sweet apple has a rich flavor that has made it #1 in taste panels and is Dan Beardsley’s favorite! Maturity: September 10, Fruit Color: Red/Yellow

A cross between McIntosh and Jersey Black, Macoun is an excellent eating apple exhibiting similar characteristics to McIntosh, only crispier. Macoun is recognized in the Northeast for its high quality. Flesh is white, firm, and juicy. Maturity: September 15, Fruit Color: Red

The original Empire.This apple colors to a deep scarlet red with a faint stripe. Maturity: September 20.

Many independent taste panels have rated it the best among the resistant varieties, usually above Empire, and always rated above McIntosh. Very similar in taste and crunch to the Macoun.  Good well-balanced sweet-tart flavor with an attractive red skin makes Liberty competitive with “standard” apples. Maturity: September 20.

A cross between Jonathan and Goldan Delicious, this apple has an attractive red blush over yellow background with red color developing just before harvest. The strain is characterized by excellent eating and processing qualities. This is one of Dan Beardley’s favorite apples! Maturity: September 20, Fruit Color: Red/Yellow

A cross between McIntosh and Ben Davis that inherited the good qualities of both parents. Fruit is a beautiful red, very large, with tender, white flesh. Maturity: September 25, Fruit Color: Red

A cross between Yellow Delicious and Indo. Fruit is firm and juicy. Good for both eating and baking. Maturity: September 25, Fruit Color: Golden to Green

One of America’s favorite apples. On the east coast, they’re sweet, juicy, and NOT MEALY. Maturity: September 30, Fruit Color: Red

An old time favorite variety for northern climates, that has been grown throughout New England for over 100 years. Northern Spy produces large, high-quality fruit with excellent keeping quality. This is one of the best pie apples. Maturity: October 15, Fruit Color: Red

This apple is a beautiful red color, and is dense and firm. Very good for baking and apple sauce. Maturity: October 20, Fruit Color: Red

Fruit is very firm dense, medium in size, and is Dave Beardsley’s favorite for eating and cider. Maturity: October 20, Fruit Color: Red

This is a late maturing, deep dark red apple with good keeping qualities. One of the best for making baked apples due to its thick skin. Maturity: October 26, Fruit Color: Red

A beautiful pink coloring over a yellow background.  This variety has a great crunch, is juicy and is great for eating, baking and for making cider.  Maturity: October 20.

A late season apple developed in New Zealand. Medium to large fruit with sweet-tart flavor and long storage life. Braeburn matures in early November in southern Connecticut. Maturity: November 5, Fruit Color: yellow-green w/red striping

We are planting a European hard cider apple orchard in 2019.  It will only be available starting in 2023 for special groups making hard cider (until we get our license to make and sell it).  The blend will include the following varieties:

  • Kingston Black
  • Tremlett’s Bitter
  • Golden Russet
  • Baldwin
  • Bramley’s Seedling
  • Brown Snout
  • Dabinett
  • Ellis Bitter
  • Harrison
  • Newtown Pippin